You have to lead the charge as superhero in ww2 as frontline commando on the world war 2 battlefield. This is the ultimate war games for survival. Use your commando skills you learn in army games. You must engage the enemy and destroy their positions with commando skills.

You are to defeat occupation forces in ww2 as the enemy has taken use of zombies to advance their positions. Play the newest battlefield survival shooter game in world war 2 survival and battle with enemy forces using weapons such as rifles and machine guns. Jump into heat of the battlefield with Frontline World War 2 Shooter War Games Survival.

After the World War II ended in final battleground many army soldiers got locked down as army war prisoner. The intense survival solo FPS shooting battle with prison guards was heavy. Some survival war prisoner attempted to escape POW camps and prison guards for final freedom in FPS shooting battle WW2 battleground but couldn’t succeed.

This first person shooting battle in WW2 resulted in loss of many survival war prisoners and many got lockdown again in World War II battleground POW camp. Survival hero belongs to sniper navy and came all across the sea to fight against prison guards and rescue imprisoned WW2 army soldiers. Sniper rifle is one of our latest weapons which will make you feel like a professional sniper shooter.

City sniper shooting is no different in this sniper shooting game. Snipers from terrorist team will be aiming at you so this could be your last battle if you are not careful and active enough as they are also cross the fire legends. You can survive in this difficult survival world with by playing it like a survival strategy game.

Challenging WW2 and Zombie Survival shooter gameplay
Multiple weapons to switch in the ww2 battlefield
Addictive battlefield survival gameplay

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-Bugs fixes
-UI/UX enhancements
-Minor issues fixed
-Added mission objectives for clarity
-Tweaked gameplay



Current Version


Last Updated

September 18, 2019

Requires Android
5.0 and up



Content Rating
Violence, Blood